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Brighter Smiles

Dr. Eccles, cosmetic dentist in Livermore, has many years’ experience reconstructing broken and worn down mouths. He prefers to do “only what’s necessary” dentistry—if not early on, then at whatever stage of dental breakdown you find yourself.

  • Veneers
  • Filling colors that blend with the tooth color
  • Internal bleaching

Sinsational Smile®

Our Livermore cosmetic dentist also provides cosmetic dentistry treatment with Sinsational Smile® teeth whitening method. Sinsational Smile® uses a fast and effective technology with patented pre-filled silicone tray. This allows the jaw to remain relaxed and the person comfortable throughout the 20 minute procedure. This procedure includes the use of an LED accelerating light that helps to activate the gel’s whitening ingredients at a faster rate, resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in less time. As part of the procedure, you’ll also receive a take-home maintenance pen shown below to further extend your new brighter smile! More information from Sinsational Smile® website.

Cosmetic dentist in Livermore

Dental Restoration

Basic dental restoring is early intervention. (The smaller the cavity the better for the tooth). If it doesn’t hurt you, then like most people, you assume there’s no urgency to see a cosmetic dentist or a restoration dental expert like Dr. Eccles in Livermore.


Now is when you need to go! Decayed areas consist of “dead” tooth structure (nerve endings and tooth substance), and no pain messages are sent to the brain. The decay acts as an insulator against cold and sweet.

Dental restoration and cosmetic dentist Livermore
Healthy smile by Livermore cosmetic dentist

If you choose to be “normal”, then wait until the tooth begins to say “Hello”. This will occur when the decayed portion breaks inward, exposing fresh nerve endings that are very sensitive to temperature, air, and food. At this point most teeth are still fixable with a composite resin filling that will serve you very well.

If this “Hello” doesn’t alarm you into action, then you can procrastinate more and progress to the painful dental emergency stage with unelicited pain, temperature pain, and sometimes chewing pain. Cosmetic dentist or general dentist will require a lot of work to help you. You could suffer through this stage until the tooth will die and then feel great (no live nerve left inside the tooth) until all the dead stuff inside the tooth starts to seep out through the tip of the root and infect the bone. Then you can add to the above: definite chewing pain, throbbing, and eventually swelling.

You are now also going to experience a wallet emergency because the cost of treatment escalates significantly to root canal therapy and in many cases, to posts, buildups, and crowns to restore this tooth back to pain-free function.

You could also have the tooth extracted. This creates another pocket book crisis—what to do to fill this space where there was once normal jaw architecture? Leaving the space “as is,” and being guided by “normal thinking”, “If it doesn’t hurt it must be OK”, will allow the adjacent and opposing teeth to drift into the new space and become misaligned. This imbalance affects healthy chewing. It can also cause the jaw joint to be adversely stressed, resulting in popping sounds and or pain.

The fix it options are:

  • Small removable partial denture that attaches to the two teeth adjacent to the space.
  • Full arch removable partial denture to include other missing teeth if present. Less work and cost than a fixed bridge.
  • Fixed bridge where adjacent teeth are crowned and connected to the new preplacement tooth.
  • Maryland Bridge where the replacement tooth is connected to clasps that bond to the adjacent teeth. (Minimal grinding on supporting teeth. Also very conservative and not removable)
  • Similar to Maryland Bridge but connected with inlays or ¾ crowns.
  • Implant. Most dentists use titanium. The research shows a very high success rate. Dr. Eccles doesn’t recommend that metal as biocompatible studies and testing along acupuncture meridians show a disturbance to the body by titanium. Zirconium is another option for the implants. Most US surgeons have little experience with zirconium. After the implant (root replacement part) is placed in the bone and the bony interface integrates well, then an abutment (tooth replacement above the gum line) is attached to the implant. A crown can then be attached to the abutment.
Cosmetic Dentist Livermore

When do I need a crown?

Generally used criteria for crowning teeth a part of cosmetic dentist practice:

  • Large, old mercury amalgam fillings
  • Visible crazing or cracking of tooth, with or without filling breakdown
  • “Insurance” will pay for it
  • Broken portion of tooth or crack causing chewing pain.


  • Biting pain from cracked tooth that is only resolved by a conservative crown.
  • Insufficient remaining tooth to support a filling (bonding). Seldom.

I find that in 35 years as cosmetic dentist restoring sick, broken-down teeth without using crowns, that excellent strengthening can be accomplished. With proper bonding of the filling materials to the remaining tooth structure, most cracks are reinforced and many years of additional service are gained.

This results in:

  • Less cutting on good remaining tooth structure
  • Preserves original tooth
  • Less trauma-resulting in less chance of needing root canal theraphy
  • Much less cost

As you can see, the better choice is to fix the very small cavity—even if it’s just a provisional treatment to remove the decay and place a temporary filling. Otherwise wait and help pay the doctor’s rent and college education for his kids. Then you pay for extensive, intricate, time-consuming, and costly restorative dentistry.

Dr. Eccles as a cosmetic dentist in Livermore has many years’ experience reconstructing broken and worn down mouths. He prefers to do “only what’s necessary” dentistry—if not early on, then at whatever stage of dental breakdown you find yourself.

Ceramic veneers are a great choice for more visible teeth that have unsightly larger old fillings and or broken areas. They are also indicated for improving the appearance of minor crooked teeth.

Full dentures do not solve all dental problems. They are a great cosmetic and chewing fix after many years of crooked, decayed, and unsightly teeth. This is especially so when chronically infected gum tissues (Periodontal infection) are present. There is a major expense for teeth removal and there is discomfort during the healing period. For many it’s been the best choice of their dental life. It is a different experience for each patient.

Cosmetic dentist in Livermore
Family cosmetic dentist in Livermore

Where the gum tissue is now covered there will be decreased taste. Some will experience decreased chewing efficiency. The upper has good suction cup effect. The lower denture has to deal with a moving jaw, moving tongue and no suction effect. At the contact area with the underside of the dentures there can be sore spots where there are areas of greater pressure against the gum, due to hard acrylic rubbing/moving against the gum. These areas resolve over time with the gum and jaw adapting to the hard denture base and by sequential reducing and smoothening of those areas and by adjustment where the teeth bite together.

This is an effort to replace and imitate a perfect human design where jaw joint, chewing muscles, and teeth size and shape all come together in harmonious movement.

A dry mouth (can be caused by numerous diseases and medications that may begin with the prefix “anti-“) can complicate this process very much. It may seem like unending sore spots that keep moving around and requiring very many adjustments.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Eccles will discuss with you a teeth whitening procedure that is effective for you.


Ask Dr. Eccles if you need conservative crowns to protect a weak tooth from breaking or restore a broken one


Veeners can be used for correcting stained, chipped, decayed or crooked teeth. Ask Dr. Eccles if veneer is a good option for you.


Talk to Dr. Eccles for various tooth color restorations to replace missing teeth or repair the tooth structure, such as fillings, bridges, implants and others.

Stories from Stan & Mary

I had been wearing braces for about 5 years in order to move my bottom jaw forward and align my teeth. After completing this procedure with another dentist who specializes in this method, I was ready to have 4 bottom teeth capped, the 2 bottom molars on each side. This turned out to be extremely challenging since the new caps had to be perfectly aligned with my other teeth and not cause any reversal of the jaw therapy. Dr. Eccles worked diligently and with great precision as he consulted with my other dentist. Both of them are perfectionists, fortunately for me. The caps were installed and adjusted by Dr. Eccles until they fit perfectly. My other dentist was as impressed as I was with Dr. Eccles work. During my many visits to Dr. Eccles office, I was always treated so well by he and his staff that I actually enjoyed going – no more dreading the dentist.

Mary D

I had lost a tooth some time ago but never had it replaced until another tooth next to it became rotted and needed removal. This left a gaping hole on the side of my mouth and required that a bridge be constructed. There was very little to attach the bridge to, requiring creativity along with precision and problem solving on Dr. Eccles part like a great cosmetic dentist. I have been amazed by how Dr. Eccles determined a solution to my problem and perfectly executed it. Few dentists have the talent and care enough to go through the arduous work that this caliber of dentistry requires.

We have both been extremely satisfied with and grateful for Dr. Eccles work. We have never found another dentist who takes the time or has the talent he has in caring for our oral health. We are both happy to recommend Dr. Eccles’ services.

Stan D

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