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Livermore Family Dentist Provides Holistic Dental Treatments

Complete Oral Exam

  • Soft tissue evaluation (cancer, TMJ)
  • Periodontal disease and pocket evaluation
  • Recording of pre-existing dental treatment
  • Recording all diseased teeth and defective fillings, crowns and bridges
  • Measure and record all abnormal electrical currents generated by dissimilar metals in teeth
  • Personal cosmetic evaluation
  • Low radiation digital x-rays
  • Detailed personal history and consultation
  • Digital photography as needed
  • Complete treatment plan

Teeth Cleaning

  • Fluoride free
  • Periodic teeth cleaning for all family

Material Compatibility Testing

  • Our Livermore family dentist provides options for material compatibility. Testing prior to placement.
Dental Treatment at Livermore family dentist

Non-toxic Choices for Filling Materials

  • No mercury dental fillings used in our Livermore family dentist office
  • No palladium
  • No nickel (80% component of stainless steel as used in costume jewelry and under porcelain in crowns, bridges and in partial dentures)
  • Tooth colored composites and ceramics
  • High noble gold and platinum
  • BPA (Bis Phenol A) free composites available

What about sensitivity after new fillings or crowns?

Eliminated by:

  1. Careful bonding protocol followed. Our Livermore family dentist follows proper sequence of steps to achieve minimal internal stress buildup and obtain proper bonding
  2. Careful fitting to opposing teeth, with follow up for refinement of bite to minimize chewing discomfort and cold sensitivity
  3. Cannot be rushed
  4. Our Livermore dentist uses Ozone to reduce normal inflammation caused by routine trauma of working on teeth and gums
  5. As an experience Livermore dentist, Dr. Eccles understands that because the patient is numb and the mouth has been open for an extended period of time, it isn’t always possible for the dental patient to know what is the normal bite when moving the jaw, as both muscle and jaw fatigue set in. This can hinder our Livermore family dentist in reproducing the best bite fit. After the jaw has time to rest and the anesthetic has time to wear-off, then the patient can begin to feel normal and decide if the teeth come together in the regular way.Sometimes this doesn’t show up for a day or two. Sometimes it only feels “high” when chewing. Sometimes only cold sensitivity will begin. All this is normal for some teeth. This means that the inclines of the teeth need just a little refining adjustment. DO NOT IGNORE THESE SYMPTOMS! You then must ASAP call our Livermore dental office and schedule an immediate adjustment of the tooth or teeth worked on. You risk the beginning of a pain cycle that can cause you extended pain and time inconvenience for both you and the family dentist. All the forces of the chewing muscles will concentrate on these small spots, transferring the force to the bone around the tooth resulting in a microscopic bruise occurring there. That’s why it hurts to bite.This bruising results in inflammation which causes swelling which pushes the tooth out, which results in more traumatic contact between the teeth…and so the cycle of pain continues until the minor adjusting of the teeth occurs and this allows the bruising to heal itself. The longer you wait to return to the dental office in Livermore to have the adjustment done, the longer it will take for the discomfort to heal, and more appointments will be necessary to adjust the tooth and stop the pain cycle. This could lead to jaw joint problems. The worst that can happen is that the tooth pain will become irreversible and the tooth will need root canal treatment.

Dr. Eccles, as your family dentist in Livermore feels so strongly about this that he is happy to arrange time after hours or on the weekend, if necessary to prevent you from prolonging having the tooth adjusted. If you travel a good distance to see Dr. Eccles dental office in Livermore, like many of our patients do, then it is wise to plan on spending a few hours conveniently in the Livermore area to allow the mouth to return to normal. That will permit you to return and have the adjustment done if necessary, before traveling back to your home. Some of our patients have delayed returning for the necessary adjustment because of the many miles they travel. They have regretted that.

Removable Full and Partial Dentures

  • Metal free available
  • Methacrylate free available
  • Tooth colored clasps

Root Canal Treatment

  • All done in our Livermore dentist office
  • Evaluation for extraction or treatment
  • Endo Cal 10/Biocalex used
  • No gutta percha & toxic chemicals
  • Ozone therapy sterilizes both the canals and microscopic tubules to eliminate residual bacteria and other toxins
  • More about root canal thearpy…

Minor Oral Surgery

Cavitation Evaluation by Livermore family dentist & Referral For Treatment

  • Previous extraction sites and old root canals

TMJ Evaluation and Utilization of Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • First assure that all muscles related to head and neck are relaxed and out of spasm


Dental treatment by Livermore family dentist

Dr. Eccles is our favorite Livermore family dentist. He is mercury free and fluoride free too. He is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). He is an expert of amalgam removal, taking extra precautions.

Lauren - Livermore

Conservative Crowns and Bridges, Minimal Tooth Grinding

  • Onlays
  • 3/4 crowns
  • Maryland bonded bridges
  • Traditional crowns, bridges and veneers to achieve maximum cosmetics. All available in all ceramic if no metal is preferred. Note 99% of dental materials (composite resin and ceramics/porcelain) have some metal (oxidized form) in the molecule but not bioavailable so is called metal free, or all cermaic as in glassware or ceramic cookware and tableware.
Teeth whitening by Livermore family dentist

When do I need a crown?

Generally used criteria for crowning teeth:

  • Large, old mercury amalgam fillings
  • Visible crazing or cracking of tooth, with or without filling breakdown
  • “Insurance” will pay for it
  • Broken portion of tooth or crack causing chewing pain.


  • Biting pain from cracked tooth that is only resolved by a conservative crown.
  • Insufficient remaining tooth to support a filling (bonding). Seldom.

I find that in 35 years of restoring sick, broken-down teeth without using crowns, that excellent strengthening can be accomplished. With proper bonding of the filling materials to the remaining tooth structure, most cracks are reinforced and many years of additional service are gained.

This results in:

  • Less cutting on good remaining tooth structure
  • Preserves original tooth
  • Less trauma-resulting in less chance of needing root canal theraphy
  • Much less cost

Ozone Therapy

Is made from medical grade oxygen. Oxygen Ozone effectively treats inflammation and infection in root canal therapy and gum treatment. It is used to sterilize teeth before placing fillings or crowns. One molecule of ozone has the killing power of 3,000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine and kills 3,500 times faster. It kills bacteria, fungus and viruses, yet is very kind to healthy cells. It can also be used to treat uncomfortable teeth with unresolved root canal treatment.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

  • Biocompatible therapies incorporated -Microscope monitoring -Immune system support – Oxygen ozone therapy, all to strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself and the periodontal disease.
  • Nutritional supplements are used to fortify the immune system. Microscopic slides are used to identify the degree of infection and monitor progress. Oral irrigation of the infected gums is also utilized in treating the infection.

More information…


“Many of my dental care services are above and beyond regular”

The Right Non-Mercury Family Dentist in Livermore for me. I went to Dr. Eccles after another dentist had attempted to put in non-mercury & screwed up; the filling cracked and needed to be drilled out. Dr. Eccles built up the filling slowly, layer by layer. Turns out if they load in the non-mercury stuff in one big gob, like the first guy did, air bubble can form, so the filling cracks when pressure is applied by chewing. Important: Non-mercury dentists can’t advise you to take the mercury out, or they can lose their right to practice! So you need to ask them to remove your mercury. Reason: The dental establishment doesn’t want us to know they have been poisoning people all these years.

- Jordan -

Get Perfect Smile from Livermore Cosmetic Dentist

I certainly have only nice things to say about Dr. Eccles’s cosmetic dentistry and his team. It is the only real dental family practice in Livermore. He has provided my husband and myself with the best professional care! I can attest to that with the most natural and perfect smile, and all my teeth!

Thank you Dr. Eccles.

J.S. Livermore