Non-Surgical Biocompatible Periodontal Therapy

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Why not just do gum surgery?

  • Does not treat the disease, only the results of the disease
  • Very high reoccurrence rate as the cause is not addressed
  • You were simply told to floss and brush more
  • Unsightly long teeth
  • Greatly increases potential for sensitive roots and increased wear on the now exposed softer roots
  • Caused by microscopic organisms mostly bacteria (including spirochetes) protozoa’s, yeast and viruses. Surgery does nothing to resolve the true cause of infection. The gums just get reinfected over time because of the unhealthy conditions of the body.
Non surgical gum treatment by Livermore dentist

Procedures Followed:

  • Diagnose case with help of microscope
  • We in the office are not the only ones cleaning deep into the pocket
  • Patients trained to irrigate with natural irrigants into depths of the pockets
  • Progress monitored with microscope
  • Body’s own healing powers enhanced by utilizing nutritional supplements to help overcome causative factors such as:
    • Trace mineral imbalance
    • Blood sugar disturbances
    • Weak immune system
  • Coordinate care with your physician where medication side effects are causing a dry mouth
  • Irrigate the pockets at each cleaning or root planning appointment with natural antimicrobials including ozone therapy. This reduces the amount of bacteria that can get into your bloodstream from open blood vessels in bleeding gums, and decreases inflammation
  • Aggressive follow up to monitor/encourage your home care diligence and aid in successful healing process
  • Year-long commitment to heal this chronic infection that took years to develop
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Benefits are:

  • Painful, unsightly surgery almost never needed
  • Natural holistic healing promoted
    • Less invasive
    • Less costly
  • Actual causes are addressed – not only the results/symptoms of the infection
  • Source of inflammation to the rest of body is eliminated

Why treat this infection?

Consequences if left untreated increases chance of developing:


Heart Disease - up to




Preterm, low birth weight


Not surviving a heart attack - up to

There has also been shown a relationship with diabetes, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia. If a physician saw infecting the body, the kinds of micro-organisms we see in the microscope, they couldn’t move fast enough to order antibiotics. These micro-organisms are very powerful. It is a serious infection!

Many infecting agents linked to heart disease originate in bacteria from the mouth.


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Ozone Therapy

Is made from medical grade oxygen. Oxygen Ozone effectively treats inflammation and infection in root canal therapy and gum treatment. It is used to sterilize teeth before placing fillings or crowns. One molecule of ozone has the killing power of 3,000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine and kills 3,500 times faster. It kills bacteria, fungus and viruses, yet is very kind to healthy cells. It can also be used to treat uncomfortable teeth with unresolved root canal treatment.