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Metal Allergies & Reactions: Dr. Scott Schroder’s Testimony to the FDA

Dr. Scott Schroder shares his findings with the FDA regarding metal allergies and dissimilar metals placed in the body and how the body could react. He strongly urges the FDA to establish clear diagnostic testing for metal reactions within the body, educating and training the medical community and institutions, focus on non-metal surgical implant options, and work with insurance companies to cover these benefits for patients.
It is with great happiness to hear from a medical professional speaking on behalf of his patients (sharing their stories) and his experiences to the FDA. Being a bridge of information between patients, health care professionals and agencies. Please, enjoy this insightful video. Share with those you love.

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Live broadcast on Vaccine Safety. They will discuss ingredients in vaccines, ecological consequences of measles vaccination, understanding Natural Herd Immunity, and prevention and treatment strategies.

No Mercury Fillings by Livermore Family Dentist. I have learned so much from Dr. Eccles! I had never heard about all of the issues with Mercury fillings and now I better understand how what is in your mouth can tie to some other diseases of the body. Dr. Eccles and his dental care team in Livermore is so knowledgeable and someone I highly recommend!

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