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Dr. Eccles uses mercury-free & non-toxic filling materials, as well as safe removal of mercury fillings. Safe removal practices should be observed, because of the large mercury vapor release during amalgam removal.


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Safe Mercury Removal

Dr. Eccles, a mercury-free dentist, provides non-toxic filling materials, as well as safe removal of mercury fillings. We believe all patients should have their mercury fillings removed. Over time, amalgam fillings break down and release mercury vapor into the body consistently. This can have serious health complications as these vapors bioaccumulate in the body.

History of Dental Amalgams

Introduced in early 19th century, the “silver” dental amalgams contain 45-55% liquid elemental mercury. Even though mercury was known to be toxic, it was overlooked due to economic reasons

Dangers of Dental Amalgams

Mercury vapor is continuously released and stored within the body in amounts that can cause serious complications and illnesses. Mercury is toxic, poisonous, and a dangerous threat to public health

Electrical Disturbances from Dissimilar Metals

Just as a magnet next to a television will distort its image, so will communication from the brain to the body be disrupted by the greater electrical field generated by the dissimilar metals in your mouth

Removing Amalgam Fillings Safely

Safe removal practices should be observed/adhered to, because of the large mercury vapor released during the removal process. Doing it safely is a priority for our office

Alternative Filling Materials

Non-Toxic Filling Materials are available
No mercury, no palladium, no nickel.

We use resin composite, zirconia, gold.

Mercury Free Patients

Patients come from all over the bay area, Bay Area, including Tri-Valley (Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton), Tracy and other locations

History of Dental Amalgams

In the early 19th century, mercury silver amalgams were introduced as a dental restoration. Even though mercury was known to be toxic, it was overlooked due to economic reasons. At the time, tooth decay affected a large number of the general population. Gold was an expensive material to use for dental restorations and an alternative was needed. Hence the rise of the “silver” filling.

This inter-metallic colloid or solid emulsion is made up of mercury, silver, copper, plus tin, zinc, trace elements. All “silver” dental amalgams are 45-55% liquid elemental mercury. Mercury has been called the most toxic non-radioactive element in nature. Mercury’s characteristics allow the alloy to form to make the silver in appearance.

There are thought to be benefits of amalgam fillings like strong and long lasting, least expensive, used for more than 150 years, and used for large tooth restorations. These are all overcome with composite resin except it takes longer to place and some increase in cost. Most composite resin fillings last 15-20+ years with well-kept oral hygiene.

Dangers of Dental Amalgam

Even though the FDA states the release of mercury in the form of a vapor can have adverse health effects, they go on to state that there isn’t enough evidence to support that dental amalgams increase this threat. They say it’s not consensus science. However, the evidence is available – they choose to ignore it.

Mercury vapor is continuously released (24/7) and stored within the body, as it reaches inside our cells, and is stored in tissue; reaching amounts that can cause serious complications and illnesses. The brain is uniquely affected by mercury, disrupting the structural protein of the axon called tubulin, which then results in all the signature pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease. Mercury is toxic, poisonous, and a dangerous threat to public health. Because it does not have an immediately painful effect, it goes untreated for years – even decades. It’s been said mercury acts as a proinflammatory agent and immunostimulant, depending on individual exposure and susceptibility.

Mercury exposure may arise from internal body pathways, from dental amalgams, preservatives in drugs and vaccines, and seafood consumption, or even from external pathways, i.e., occupational exposure, environmental pollution, and handling of metallic items and cosmetics containing Hg. In susceptible individuals, chronic low Hg exposure may trigger local and systemic inflammation, even exacerbating the already existing autoimmune response in patients with autoimmunity. Mercury exposure can trigger dysfunction of the autoimmune responses and aggravate immunotoxic effects associated with elevated serum autoantibodies titers.

“Maternal mercury exposure impacts the fetus. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and National Academy of Science state that between 8 and 10% of American women have mercury levels that would render any child they gave birth to at risk for neurological disorders.” —Haley BE. Mercury toxicity: genetic susceptibility and synergistic effects. Medical Veritas. 2005 Nov;2(2):535-42.

Here is an infographic showing the Human Health Risks to mercury exposure throughout the lifespan. (Source:

Recently, the FDA released new recommendations surrounding dental amalgams and the risk for adverse reactions. They now consider 60% of the U.S. population as high-risk for adverse health outcomes from dental amalgam mercury fillings. These groups include pregnant women and their developing fetuses, women who are planning to become pregnant, nursing mothers and their newborns, children, people with pre-existing neurological diseases, and people with impared kidney function. Read their official release here.

Occupational exposure to Dental Mercury is a huge concern in dentistry. Just imagine all the dental staff who are exposed on a daily basis. Click here to see an infographic on occupational exposure. (Source: website)

Official IAOMT Position Paper on Dental Amalgams

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) Position Paper against Dental Mercury Amalgam Fillings for Medical and Dental Practitioners, Dental Students, Dental Patients, and Policy Makers

Electrical Disturbances from Dissimilar Metals

Just as a magnet next to a television will distort its image, so will communication from the brain to the body be disrupted by the greater electrical field generated by the dissimilar metals in your mouth. Millivolts are generated in teeth. Nanovolts are generated from the brain via the nervous system.

Because metals are electrically active, having different metals within the mouth causes oral galvanism. This condition, and its implications, have been discussed for over 100 years but yet have been greatly ignored within dentistry.

Galvanism is defined as “a direct current of electricity especially when produced by chemical action.” Thus, oral galvanism simply means electric currents produced by chemical action in the mouth. Saliva acts as a conductor between the metals, causing corrosion. (similar to rust that appears on batteries).

The rate of corrosion can increase in situations like

  • The combination of gold and amalgam
  • The different surfaces of the restoration
  • The composition of salvia and dentin fluid
  • Biting, wear and tear, increase in temperature, and acidic and salty food
  • “Injury reactions” at the interfaces between gingival or root canals and the restoration metals
  • Periodontitis

Dental literature going back to the 20th century recognized that galvanic electricity generated by metal dental restorations could cause localized pain, lichenoid lesions, inappropriately elevated muscle tone, jaw tension, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD, TMJ), temporal headache, etc. SHarp pains are widely associated with galvanic currents. MEtallic taste, allergy, and irritation have been linked to galvanic corrosion. Oral lesions, blackening of amalgam surfaces and all symptoms related to mercury poisoning have been linked to oral galvanism from amalgam fillings.

In our office, we will…

  • Use a special potential meter to measure electrical currents
  • Order filling removal based on greatest electrical disturbance

For detailed citations to support this information, see these sources:

  • Kall J, Just A. Electric Teeth: Chemical Reactions in the Mouth and the Phenomenon of Oral Galvanism. ChampionsGate, FL: IAOMT. 2014.
  • Pleva J. Corrosion and mercury release from dental amalgam. J. Orthomol. Med. 1989; 4(3): 141-158.

Removing Amalgam Fillings Safely

Removing toxic mercury fillings is a priority for our office. Doing it safely is our cause. Safe removal practices should be observed/adhered to, because of the large amount of mercury particulate matter and vapor released during the removal process.

Precautionary measures are used in our office and are called “SAFE PRACTICES” because we value the safety of our patients, team members, and the environment.

  • Rubber dam and or “Clean Up” (particle and vapor capturing device)
  • High volume suction
  • Copious water flow
  • “Chunking out” large sections
  • Alternate air source for patients to breathe
  • Room air filtration
  • Large, long-neck, high powered vacuum with 3 stage air filtration to capture mercury vapor and particulate matter released from the mouth.
  • Amalgam catcher – collects removed amalgam and recycled properly to protect the environment

Some patients do not feel a difference after removal and replacement of their mercury fillings. Others have testified a difference in cognitive function, ability to sleep through the night, as well as increase in energy.

Some patients may detox with the help of a naturopath or functional medicine doctor to remove accumulated mercury within the body. If you are interested, we can connect you with a practitioner that can help.

Alternative Filling Materials

Non-Toxic Filling Materials are available.

  • No mercury
  • No palladium
  • No nickel (80% component of metal as used in costume jewelry and under porcelain in crowns and bridges)
  • Tooth colored composites and ceramics
  • High noble gold and platinum
  • BPA (BisPhenol A) free composites available
  • As strong and durable as amalgam fillings per studies

We use:

  • Resin composite
  • Zirconia
  • Gold

Mercury Free Patients

Mercury free dentist
The Right Non-Mercury Dentist for me

I went to Dr. Eccles for mercury free dental treatment, after another dentist had attempted to put in non-mercury & screwed up; the filling cracked and needed to be drilled out. Dr. Eccles built up the filling slowly, layer by layer. Turns out if they load in the non-mercury stuff in one big gob, like the first guy did, air bubble can form, so the filling cracks when pressure is applied by chewing. Important: Non-mercury dentists can’t advise you to take the mercury out, or they can lose their right to practice! So you need to ask them to remove your mercury. Reason: The dental establishment doesn’t want us to know they have been poisoning people all these years.

~ Jordan

Patients come from all over the bay area, Bay Area, including Tri-Valley (Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton), Tracy and other locations.

Mercury Free Fillings Dental Care in Livermore

I have learned so much from Dr. Eccles! I had never heard about all of the issues with Mercury fillings and now I better understand how what is in your mouth can tie to some other diseases of the body. Dr. Eccles is so knowledgeable and someone I highly recommend!

~ Marcey D, San Ramon

Remove Amalgam Fillings by my Family Dentist in Livermore

For many years I suffered with digestive disorders, a lack of energy and generally feeling unwell. I discovered I had a high level of mercury in my system. I was fortunate to learn of Dr. Eccles, a family holistic dentist who does not use dental amalgams which contain mercury. Looking back over the years, I remember having a metallic feeling in my mouth after getting an amalgam filling. I made an appointment with Dr. Eccles to discuss my situation. He was extremely generous with his time and explained thoroughly the process of safely removing my amalgam fillings and using non-metal dental filling materials. I had my amalgam fillings removed and now feel well and have regained my energy. I highly recommend Dr. Eccles for his excellent work, positive disposition, and correct healthy approach to dental work. 

~ JM Livermore

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