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Dr. Eccles has 43 years experience in dental care, 35 of them emphasizing toxic-free alternative (including non-mercury fillings and mercury filling removals) and health-centered dental practice in Livermore.

He understands how important it is that to have a healthy body one must also have a healthy mouth and vice versa. That is why he is sharing some useful resource below to help his patients and public more informed about safe dental treatments, and practices.

Please browse through the information listed and contact Dr. Eccles if you have questions or need help with mercury-free dental care.

Dental Care by Livermore Family Dentist
Dental Care by Livermore Family Dentist

No Mercury Fillings by Livermore Family Dentist. I have learned so much from Dr. Eccles! I had never heard about all of the issues with Mercury fillings and now I better understand how what is in your mouth can tie to some other diseases of the body. Dr. Eccles and his dental care team in Livermore is so knowledgeable and someone I highly recommend!

- Marcey D -

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