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Conscientious Care by Livermore Dentist

After a year and a half of continuing facial pain, with no help from traditional doctors, traditional dentists or traditional oral surgeons, Dr. Eccles a Livermore dentist was recommended. He immediately recognized the origin/cause of my pain as an overflow from a root canal, which had been injected into my bone.

Dr. Eccles being a professional Livermore dentist sent me to a specialized oral surgeon to perform a cavitation, a procedure that is no longer being performed by most oral surgeons. The dehabilitating facial pain stopped. It seems I am allergic/very sensitive to dental materials. Under Dr. Eccles conscientious care, I believe I stand the best chance of coping with future dental procedures.


Need dental care?

You’ve come to the right place. My name is Nancy Daniel and I have been a patient of Dr. Eccles in Livermore for about 2 years or more. He is a perfectionist dentist and he did much needed work to my lower teeth and I must add, they look and feel great!

He’s also did a lot of dental work for my husband who has been a very satisfied patient for at least 20 years. Dr. Eccles helps one feel at ease; he is gentle, kind, caring, patient and thorough. His dental office in Livermore is clean and organized, his staff are friendly and supportive. They are awesome! I highly recommend our family dentist in Livermore Dr. Eccles and his staff to care for your beautiful smile!


Wonderful and Patient Livermore Dentist

In a nutshell, our experience with Dr. Eccles (our very first visit to this Livermore Dentist) was absolutely wonderful. I don’t believe I have ever been this impressed with ANY physician, M. D. or Family Dentist. Dr. Eccles took considerable time in explaining his unique approach to family dentistry and made both my son and I feel totally comfortable in this Livermore Dentist care. His staff are kind, supportive and really sweet. We are most happy with our very first visit with Dr. Eccles and certainly intend to become long-term clients.

Bay Area Mom

Friendly, Gentle and Kind Livermore Dentist

Dr. Eccles’ expertise in removing mercury fillings from the mouths of the unsuspecting. He believes in using non-toxic fillings. This is the Livermore Dentist that has been studying issues of dental toxicity for years and has an expertise with removal of toxic fillings. He is also friendly, gentle kind and not over priced.


Knowledgeable Dentist in Livermore

I have been a dental patient of Ward Eccles D.D.S. a dentist in Livermore for a number of years. Dental care from other dentists in the past cannot compare. I have molars that would have been extracted as the cavities extended to the gingival line. I still have these teeth! Dr. Eccles in Livermore has extra knowledge and technical ability.

Clyde D. Hawlye, M.D.

Quality Dental Care in Livermore

I entrusted my dental care to Dr. Eccles office for many years while living in Livermore. Several years ago my family moved to Las Vegas and I became a patient of a local dentist who also teaches at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). During the initial dental evaluation my dentist made several positive comments about the quality of Dr. Eccles work. I told him that I had always been pleased with the dental care I had received from Dr. Eccles’ office in Livermore.










Honest and Caring Family Dentist in Livermore. I had a dentist that always found something wrong with my or my children’s teeth so I switched to Dr. Eccles years ago. He did a great job SAFELY removing my old mercury fillings, and was forthright about other suggestions regarding questionable materials in old crowns, and what was required and what was not required. He also ensured me that some work another dentist had recommended was not necessary.

He even gave my daughter a treatment to try and save her from needing a questionable root canal treatment. When it turned out that she needed the root canal treatment after all, he did not charge for that!

The dental staff in Livermore is very helpful and friendly. I am glad I changed to this Livermore dentist who is not always advising me of what else I or my children need fixed in our mouths or jaws!!

~Dorothy J.~
Quality and Honest Dentist in Livermore

Wow, what can I say? This man is an amazing dentist in Livermore! I’ve been to a lot of dentists in my lifetime, but no one compares to the quality and precision work Dr. Eccles does, he truly treats you as though he were working on a a member of his own family. Very honest and moral as far as not doing anything that isn’t necessary, many times he could have done a crown on me making more profit but convinced me of doing a filling instead, very ethical!!


Talented and Caring Family Dentist in Livermore

We have both been seeing Dr. Eccles as our primary family dentist since we moved to Livermore in 2002. He has always done an excellent job of taking care of our teeth. This past year, we really called him into service as we both needed major work. This is how we discovered his exceptional abilities.


The Right Mercury-Free Dentist for me.

I went to Dr. Eccles the right family dentist & mercury-free dentist in Livermore after another family dentist had attempted to put in non-mercury & screwed up; the filling cracked and needed to be drilled out. Dr. Eccles built up the filling slowly, layer by layer. Turns out if they load in the non-mercury stuff in one big gob, like the first guy did, air bubble can form, so the filling cracks when pressure is applied by chewing.

Important: Mercury-free dentists can’t advise you to take the mercury out, or they can lose their right to practice! So you need to ask them to remove your mercury. Reason: The dental establishment doesn’t want us to know they have been poisoning people all these years.


Get Perfect Smile from Livermore Cosmetic Dentist

I certainly have only nice things to say about Dr. Eccles and his team. It is the only real dental family practice in Livermore. He has provided my husband and myself with the best professional care! I can attest to that with the most natural and perfect smile, and all my teeth!

Thank you Dr. Eccles.

J.S. Livermore

Mercury Free Dentist in Livermore

I have learned so much from Dr. Eccles! I had never heard about all of the issues with Mercury dental fillings and now I better understand how what is in your mouth can tie to some other diseases of the body. Dr. Eccles is a very knowledgeable mercury-free dentist in Livermore and someone I highly recommend!

M.D. San Ramon

No Toxic Substance and Honest Dentist in Livermore

About 14 months ago, I had a problem with another dentist. He told me I needed to replace a gold bridge that had never caused me any problems. I was told everything was fine in my mouth except for the gold dental bridge. I was somewhat dubious of his diagnosis and wanted a second opinion. I saw Dr. Eccles a dentist in Livermore, he told me I had 7 teeth that needed dental fillings, 2 needed to have crowns replaced and there was nothing wrong with the gold bridge. My suspicions were confirmed, the other dentist was just trying to make money off of me. I had Dr. Eccles do the dental work, it was done in a very short time and there have been no problems since. He, as an honest and knowledgeable Livermore dentist, is aware of how to do the job without toxic substances and he says, “I want to do a job for you that will cause you the shortest time in a dental chair for the rest of your life.” So far, his words have stood the test of time.


Health Centered Livermore Family Dentist - a Testimonial Letter...click to read...

Dear Prospective Dental Clients of Dr. S. Ward Eccles,

I am happy to write a testimonial letter on his behalf. I have been a patient of Dr. Eccles, a Livermore dentist since 1996, when I first took my oldest child to see him at the age of two. Dr. Eccles was recommended to me by a homeopathic physician we were seeing at the time, who used Dr. Eccles as his family’s dentist.

Although we have traveled from the Oakland and Berkeley area for twelve years now, visiting Dr. Eccles in his Livermore dentist office a couple of times a year has become something my children look forward to. He has always been excellent with all three of my children. He doesn’t use gimmicks or bribes, but just gets down to business and gets the job done as quickly as possible. Of course, the toy chest and the new toothbrush are welcome rewards. He is pleasant and informative, but keeps socialization to a minimum

I appreciate the fact that Dr. Eccles uses the latest mercury-free dental treatment techniques for applying and drying the fillings, and that he never uses mercury fillings or metal fillings. He appreciates that not everyone wants or needs to have routine x-rays, and recommends them only when absolutely necessary. He has always been understanding and supportive of my alternative views of medicine and my concerns about exposing my kids to toxic substances. I truly feel that he has my best interest at heart, and I trust him to use techniques that will not only keep our teeth healthy, but our whole bodies as well.

Janet, the dental hygienist and his office business assistant have treated us like family from the beginning. They remember details about my life and that of my kids, and always make us feel special and well cared for. Dr. Eccles is part of an excellent network of professionals. He recommended an excellent orthodontist for my daughter, and a cranial sacral therapist for my son.

Dr. Eccles is like the good old-fashioned family dentist I remember from my childhood, but with updated knowledge and cutting edge techniques to keep us healthy. I really trust him as our family dentist and would highly recommend him and his dental practice in Livermore to anyone, without reservation.


Serene daRae


Great Family Dentist in Livermore

My family and I have been going to Dr. Ward Eccles for some time now and we have been completely satisfied. I heard that he takes pride in his profession, as I did in my line of work. I respect a person who does good work and loves doing it. Dr. Eccles takes the time to inform us on each visit to his dental office in Livermore what he will be doing. He makes us feel comfortable and important to us.

G & J

Honest, Competent, Gentle and Careful Dentist

My health practitioner referred me to Dr. Eccles, a dentist in Livermore. He had advised me to have all the metal/amalgam taken out of my teeth to improve my health. I had many crowns and it was a big job. Dr. Eccles came up with a plan. It made the overwhelming nature of the task seem less daunting. We divided my visit up and had a goal in mind for each one. That made it easy.

During each visit, he was extremely competent, careful, gentle, and used safe practices. I experienced no pain and very little discomfort. Now all of my teeth fit together perfectly. The crowns are compatible with me. I am free of metal in my mouth and feel better for it.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Eccles and his family dental practice in Livermore to other patients. I found I could trust him. he was completely honest throughout the process.


Health Centered and Mercury Free Dentist in Livermore

Dr. Eccles practices dentistry at a level very few others in the country are right now. I have seen many patients whose ill health has been caused by what are considered standard practices in dentistry. Dr. Eccles understands the intimate connection between oral health and health of the entire body and his procedures reflect this. In addition, his technical skills are bar none. If your health is a priority, Dr. Eccles is the dentist in Livermore to see. Even though his office is an hour away from mine, he is the only dentist I will entrust my dental health and my patients health to.

M.M.B, D.C.

Dr. Eccles is our favorite dentist

He is mercury free and fluoride free too. He is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). He is an expert of amalgam removal, taking extra precautions.

Lauren - Livermore

Perfectionist, Caring and Patient Livermore Dentist

Very recently, an appliance I had worn for many years began to cause one of my few remaining teeth to loosen, due to wear and tear from eating. I was prepared to have my teeth extracted and have a lower plate made. Dr. Eccles simply would not listen to that. He explained the benefits of a new appliance and the problems of a full set of dentures.

I put my full trust in Dr. Eccles, a perfectionist Livermore dentist as well as a very caring and patient individual. He will also take a few minutes to first visit. Needless to say, I am very grateful to him and 100% satisfied.