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Vaccine Safety

Vaccine Safety: Must watch live broadcast and movie

Don’t miss world-renowned scientists Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Mikovits on Saturday, September 12th, 2020 for a live broadcast on Vaccine Safety. They will discuss ingredients in vaccines, ecological consequences of measles vaccination, understanding Natural Herd Immunity, and prevention and treatment strategies.

The movie, “1986: The Act” was live-streamed on Friday, September 11th, 2020 at 6:30pm CT. Learn more by clicking below. Don’t forget to share!

Sign up for the live broadcast at IAOMT website here.

Missed the broadcast on those dates? No worries! You can watch the movie here: Watch “1986: The Act” full movie

Watch the trailer below:

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Featured Articles

History of Ozone

History of Ozone

Ozone, a gas composed of three oxygen molecules, has been used in the medical field for over a century. However, its use in dentistry is relatively new and has only become popular in the last few decades. The history of ozone in dentistry is a story of innovation and progress in the field of dental care.

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Clifford Materials Reactivity Test through ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies

We are happy to offer a Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (CMRT) through ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies, which provides dentists and physicians information about patients sensitivities so least offensive materials can be used in their treatments.

Metal Allergies & Reactions: Dr. Scott Schroder’s Testimony to the FDA

Dr. Scott Schroder shares his findings with the FDA regarding metal allergies and dissimilar metals placed in the body and how the body could react.

Biological Dentistry

Using science-based, biological techniques, technologies, and materials for your oral and overall health

Family Dentistry

Establishing preventative dental care routine and restorative treatment options for the entire family

Safe Mercury Removal

Replacing amalgams with non-toxic filling materials while safely capturing released mercury

Root Canal

Emphasizing a biological approach to diagnosing and treating infected teeth

Gum Therapy

Addressing periodontal “gum” disease systemically and non-surgically

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restoring and replacing natural teeth using a conservative approach with non-metal materials

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