Family Dentist

Thorough dental exams
and toxic-free alternative
health-centered dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We provide dental restoration,
dentures, crowns, veneers, and
other health-oriented treatments

Dr. Ward Eccles – Livermore Family Dentist

Dr. Eccles has been serving the East Bay and Tri-Valley areas with mercury free, holistic dentistry for 35 years.

Achieving or maintaining your body’s optimum health is our number one priority. Restoring your mouth to help support this process is our business. We emphasize esthetics so that restored teeth blend to look natural, without the “repaired” look. This we do while assuring that all potentially toxic dental materials are safely removed.

If you are looking for a family dentist or cosmetic dentist for preventive and restorative dentistry, or would like more information on ozone therapy or on cavitation surgery, give us a call. We see patients from the Tri Valley Area, the Bay Area, and throughout Northern California and some adjacent states.